Life At Crisil Infotech

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Life At Crisil Infotech
  • Crisil Infotech in India is a vibrant and dynamic organization, which thrives on working hard but also seeks to provide ample opportunities for our people to enjoy themselves in the process. The entire firm involves itself in a variety of activities including sports, community and social events and this is apparent when you join Crisil Infotech in India.
  • All through the year, numerous social events are arranged within your work group as well as across the firm. These events and activities are aimed at giving you the opportunity to interact and socialize with your colleagues across locations within India.
  • Crisil Infotech in India provides a supportive work culture to employees by initiating some good policies for employee welfare. There is openness towards discussing new ideas and the support of the senior management is quite encouraging. There is respect for an individual and team working is valued. There is definitely a healthy work environment provided. There are good practices and initiatives that are being actioned by various disciplines that can be replicated across the organization.
  • It is our ambition that everyone at Crisil Infotech in India should accomplish a personal and professional balance in their life, for which we also provide exciting avenues for your overall development.